Welcome to our House Church

Are you looking for a church home?

Do you think a church has to be a building where people sit in rows listening to a minister?  Have you ever considered the advantages of a house church held in the more informal atmosphere of a home?

We are not saying house churches should replace traditional churches. However, what we offer is a choice if you are looking for something more informal.

Our House Church Meetings

Our meetings are held in the home of one of our group.  We want this to be a place where you can belong, be valued and loved and deepen your relationship with God and Jesus.

Meeting together in a small group in a home provides an environment where each person can come as they are, can feel accepted and valued. 

We try to make our meetings informal. Everyone has a chance to participate if they want to. By sharing our faith journey together, we seek to come closer to God.

Please Note. We are meeting on line at the moment because of corona virus. We will start meeting in person when we feel it is safe to do this.

Who are we?

We belong to a church called the Community of Christ which is a worldwide organisation. It has a number of groups in the UK, one of which is us, the Leeds House Church. We meet once a month at a home in Farsley in West Leeds.

If you are interested, there are more details on the rest of this website.

If you want to come to one of our meetings or just want to know more, then please contact us using the details on the Contact page.

Worship Resources

Some worship resources that we use have been written by our group leader. These can be found on our Resource Page. You may use these resources for non-profit activities such as worships, subject to the conditions outlined on that page.