About Us

Who Are We?

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We belong to a church called the Community of Christ which is a worldwide organisation. We have a number of groups in the UK which include congregations, house churches and on-line groups.

We see the main focus of our church expressed in the Community of Christ mission statement which is:-

To proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace.

Our hope is that anyone sharing with us will be able to find joy, hope, love and peace through the message of Jesus.

Our Aim

We seek to be a place where :

  • The message of Jesus is the focus of our worship, learning, caring, and mission.
  • We are able to grow spiritually.
  • We are valued and find security, care and support.
  • We celebrate the rich diversity of each person where each person is accepted.
  • We seek to find how we can serve Jesus by helping others and promoting peace.

Our Beliefs

At the centre of our beliefs are nine enduring principles which are:-

  • Grace and Generosity (God’s love is generous and unconditional).
  • Sacredness of Creation (We join with God in care of all creation).
  • Continuing Revelation (God still reveals his will today as in the past).
  • Worth of All Persons (Everyone has inestimable and equal worth).
  • All Are Called (God invites everyone to follow him and share in his purposes).
  • Responsible Choices (God gives everyone the ability to make responsible choices).
  • Pursuit of Peace (God wants justice, reconciliation, wholeness, and peace for all of creation).
  • Unity in Diversity (The church embraces diversity and unity through God’s spirit).
  • Blessings of Community (We are called to create communities of Christ’s peace).

More Information

If you want to know more about the beliefs of the Community of Christ, these can be found on our main UK website at www.cofchrist.org.uk

We also have a Community of Christ Facebook Page a Twitter account and an Instagram Account.

Community of Christ also operates a Youth and Retreat Centre in Herefordshire, it is called Dunfield House and can be booked by any group.