Brick Meditation

In the book Multi-Sensory Prayer, one suggestion is to build a communion table using bricks. I
wrote this script to use that idea. Each person is given a brick and asked to hold it in their hand.

As you hold your brick, then the obvious thing you notice is its weight.
And if you continue to hold for a time, it may even begin to feel heavier as you tire of holding it.
But bricks are not meant to be held and carried round.
They are meant to be used, to create a thing of strength, such as buildings and structures.
If you just hang on to them, they don’t fulfil their purpose and they are a burden.
If you give them up to create something, they become a thing of strength.

Our lives can be like bricks
If we fear opening our self to others and hold everything to our self,
if we are afraid to reach out to others,
then that fear weighs us down like a brick.
But God doesn’t want us to be weighed down,
If we are willing to give our fears to him
Then He can use us to be a support and strength to others
We can help build his kingdom.

What we want to do now is create a communion table using your bricks.
I ask now that you be willing to give up your brick
To bring it out now and we will use them to build up a two piles that will create the supports of our communion table.
And as your bricks are built up and provide that support
Let it be an expression of your desire to let go of your fears
To give yourself to God
An expression of your desire to build God’s kingdom
And your willingness to be a support to others.

(Now bring out bricks.)

As you have let go of your brick
As you have given it to build this table
As you have allowed it to fulfil its purpose to be a support
May we each be willing to give up our fears and hesitations to God
May we be willing to give our lives to God
That we may become kingdom builders
That we may be a support and strength to those who need us
That we may fulfil the purpose God has for each one of us.

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