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How do you feel about change and how willing are you to make changes when they are needed? I thought about change when I heard this joke.

Two local council employees were working on a road. The first one dug a hole, then the second one filled it in. They went a short distance down the road and did the same thing. They continued repeating this process all down the road.

A puzzled bystander watched them and eventually his curiosity got the better of him and he asked one of the employees what they were doing.

‘Ah!’ exclaimed the employee, ‘there are usually three of us, but the one that puts the trees in the holes is off sick today.’

By failing to adapt to a change in circumstances, they were failing to achieve the task they had been set.

Do we sometimes have the same problem with our relationship with God and what he calls us to do? Are we happy just to carry on, doing what we have always done? Circumstances change. Is your life still fulfilling God’s purpose for you or is God calling you to make changes in your life?

God sometimes calls us to new challenges and new ministries. How willing are you to respond? We get excited if we get a new mobile phone or new car and can’t wait to try them out. Do you get equally excited if God is calling you to new areas and new ways of ministry?

So where is God’s spirit calling you today? Have you taken the time to ask Him? Maybe He wants to set you in a new direction. If so, are you willing to listen to the prompting of his spirit and respond?

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