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Feeding 5000


This sketch is about the miracle of feeding the five thousand. However it does try to make the point that just as Jesus worked a miracle in the life of one boy, so he can still work a miracle with each one of us. The sketch requires only two people.

1:  Long ago
2:  2000 years B.F.
1:  B. F?
2:  Before Facebook.
1:  They just had sermons.
2:  Sermons?
1:  Yes, sermons on mounts,
2:  And parables,
1:  Parables on lost sheep.
2:  Very uncomfortable!
1:  There were talks for tax gatherers
2:  And chats for children.
1:  Who did?
2:  He did!
1:  Who did he did?
2:  A carpenter.
1:  A what?
2:  From Nazareth.
1:  Where?
2:  And once he had 5000.
1:  Sheep?
2:  No! people come to listen.
1:  It was a great sermon.
2:  Marvellous parables.
1:  Wonderful spirit.
2:  No food.
1:  Pardon?
2:  Sorry, forgot about the caterers!
1:  You mean no chip butties!
2:  Not one.
1:  No MacDonald’s!
2:  Sorry.
1:  Not even a cup of tea!
2:  Fraid not!
1:  UGH! (holds stomach)
2:  Perhaps we could ask them to share.
1:  Share what?
2:  Any packed lunches they’ve brought.
1:  You mean,
2:  Appeal to their better nature,
1:  Awaken their sense of charity,
2:  Ask if they are willing to share,
1:  And be trampled in the stampede.
2:  ….(looks for stampede)
1:  ….(looks for stampede)
2:  He’s a bit small for a stampede!
1:  Five lumpy loaves,
2:  And two clapped out kippers.
1:  If we feed that lot,
2:  With this lot,
1:  It’ll be a miracle!
2:  That’s a good idea says Jesus.
1:  So he miracled,
2:  And miracled,
1:  And,
2:  Yum! Yum!
1:  I’m full!
2:  My compliments to the chef.
1:  How about a tip?
2:  Our tip is,
1:  Don’t think your gifts are too small,
2:  And no use to Jesus.
1:  Bring your gifts to him,
2:  And see how he’ll use them,
1:  In fact to sum up,
2:  They’ll multiply! 

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