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One service we based around food and drew comparisons between different aspects of food and compared them with our Christian discipleship.

Here are some examples.

Food Advertising – Companies have to get their message over to sell their food. We discussed how successful we are at getting our message over, in particular, the need to avoid ‘church jargon’. We further discussed how best we could share God’s message.

Good food/bad food – Some food is good for us, some is not so good. Similarly, with our discipleship, some lifestyle choices are good, some are bad. We discussed what may be affecting our discipleship.

Trying new food – We may be adventurous and like to try new food. Are we equally adventurous with God at trying new things for him?

Preparation and Cooking Food – We often use a recipe book for cooking but sometimes add our own variations. The bible is our spiritual recipe book, so we discussed if it was acceptable to adapt its teachings, in particular to make it more relevant to the 21st century. This is not about changing basic beliefs but interpreting them to a modern society.

Eating together – We like to share meals with friends. Similarly, we need to spend some time together as followers of Christ so that we can support each other. We discussed how we can support each other and who had supported us.