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God Is There


This sketch is about how God is always there for us, but do we take this for granted and only pray when we have problems? It has God and Jesus chatting in heaven.

G:      Good morning Jesus my son.
J:       Good morning Father, I must say you are looking very omnipotent this morning.
G:      That may be the case, but its hard work being omnipotent. People expect you to be there all the time, day and night, to sort out all their problems. Sometimes I feel as though I could do with a holiday.
J:       But isn’t that part of your job description, to be there 24 x 7.
G:      Yes, but I thought perhaps just for once I could get a locum for a couple of weeks.
J:       And where are you going to get a locum? You’re the one and only true God remember. And even if you could get a locum, don’t you think people would notice the lower quality service.
G:      Well what about the other idea I’ve had. I’ll open a prayer call centre and employ angels to take the calls. And if there were too many prayers for them to cope with, there would be a recorded message – ‘your prayers are held in a queue and will be answered when one of our angelic operatives becomes available’.
J:       But you’ve always answered prayers personally, and as you’re supposed to be unchanging, isn’t that what you ought to keep doing?
G:      Yes, you’re right, but I do feel as though I’m taken for granted sometimes. They just want me when they have a problem and forget about me the rest of the time. What about if I went on strike for a few days, I thought that might make them appreciate me more.
J:       But isn’t there a no strike clause in your job contract.
G:      Well yes there is, but that was an EU directive, I’ve had a referendum and I’ve voted to leave the EU.
J:       But there must be a better way of reminding them that it’s all about a close daily relationship with you and not just about you fixing their problems. Couldn’t you get someone to remind them? Just hold on while I make a quick telephone call.
(Makes call on mobile).
There. It’s all fixed up, there’s someone called xxxxx (name of someone who is due to speak in the service) who’s agreed to remind them today about your love and how you want a closer relationship with them.
G:      Great, how many thousands of people are they telling?
J:       Err, no, only about a twenty (or how many are at the service).
G       Twenty thousand, that’s not too bad.
J:       Err no, just approximately twenty people.
G:      Is that all they can get to turn up? Isn’t he/she very popular then?
J:       But he/she says everybody there will go out and share that message, that’s how you have always done it.
G:      You’re right, I have to trust them to pass on my message about how I want a closer relationship with everybody, but do you think I need a plan B?
J:       Well I have suggested it before.
G:      You mean ..
J:       Yes, it may have to be Facebook.

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