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This is a sketch is based on the hymn, ‘Let Your Heart Be Broken’. It looks at what we hope to get
out of worship.
Sing the first verse. At the end of the first verse, the congregation is interrupted.

1: Hold it, hold it ….just wait a minute.
2: I beg your pardon, can’t you see we’re trying to praise God.
1: Yes but do you mean it?
2: Pardon?
1: Do you mean the words you are singing?
2: Look we’re trying to have a good old sing, stop asking awkward questions.
1: Awkward questions??
2: Of course, if you’re really praising God and having a good old sing, you don’t have time to think about the words? Following those little black dots up and down isn’t easy you know.
1: But don’t you think you should think about the words if you are to truly worship.
2: You’re joking, have you read some of them.
1: Well as a matter of fact yes, as I don’t understand those little black dots, looking at the words gives me something to do.
2: Well take the line, ‘be the hands of Jesus serving in his stead’. If you started to think about what that would really involve, it would be enough to curdle your communion wine.
1: So do the words make you feel uncomfortable? Don’t you think worship should sometimes make you feel uncomfortable?
2: I’ve enough with the chairs making me uncomfortable without the hymns joining in as well.
1: What about ‘challenged by the need apparent everywhere’. Shouldn’t worship challenge you as well?
2: Oh it certainly does.
1: Good we’re getting somewhere now. How does it challenge you?
2: For a start, some worships are a challenge to stay awake.
1: That’s no quite what I meant. Shall we try another line, what about ‘make him master too’, that must be an important part of worship.
2:That’s fine. I don’t mind him being ‘master two’ as long as I’m still master number ONE. Life would get just too complicated if I had to start giving God priority.
1: One last try – How about ‘add to your believing deeds that prove it true’. You know worship should prompt you to do something as a result of your experience.
2: Add to your believing, sorry maths is not my strong point. Look, will you stop troubling me with ideas like commitment, responding and serving, I’ve just come here to worship.

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