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I’ll Walk With You


We were on holiday in Japan and it was time to walk back to our hotel. We took out our street map to try and figure out the best way back. A Japanese lady saw us and thinking we were lost, she came across and asked if she could help.

We explained we were trying to work out the best way to our hotel. She then said, I know where that is, I work near there, I will walk with you and take you there. We said we just needed directions, but she insisted on taking us.

She had not seen us as two strange foreigners who should be ignored, but as two fellow human beings who were lost. So for her, it was not good enough just to give us directions, instead, she wanted to walk with us and make sure we reached our destination.

Isn’t this what God is calling us to do? There are people who feel lost and confused, trying to find peace in their lives. God calls us to see them not as strangers to be ignored, but as fellow human beings who are lost. He calls us not to just give them directions, but to walk with them, be there for them and love them.

Is there someone that God is calling you to walk with?

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