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James Chapter 1


Sometimes in our meetings we look at a passage of scripture and look at its relevance to us today. One example was the first chapter of James.

We started by quietly reading the scripture. We then shared our initial reactions, what was particularly significant to us, what puzzled us.

We then looked at the background of the scripture using information in commentaries. It was probably written by James, the brother of Jesus. It was written at a time when Christians were small minorities in a world that did not share their values. It was an exhortation to live by Christian principals and not slip back to the standards of their world.

Then we asked questions relating to the different verses and discussed them. Some of the questions were:-

Verses 2-4 is about trials.

Have you had difficult times that have made you question your faith or what you believe about God?

Have you gained anything as a result of problems in your life?

Verses 5-8 is about asking God  

Have you had any experiences where you asked God for help? In what ways has God answered you.

Verses 9-11 is about status   

How should we view status? What gives you your sense of self-worth?

Verses 12-16 is about temptation

Do you think there are specific things that tempt us away from God? Are there things that stop us doing what God would want us to do?

Verses 17-18 is about God’s gifts    

Do you think God has given you anything? What are the most important things he has given you?

Verse 19-21 is about listening and speaking

Would it make a difference if you put into practice the advice to be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger?

Verse 22-27 is about being doers of the word.

How does being a Christian affect your daily actions? Who has shown they were a Christian by what they have done for you?

Then a final question

Is there anything in this chapter that you feel you should act on?