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This sketch is based on the idea that many people do not read the bible so their only exposure to the Christian message is as Christians live out their beliefs in their lives. In this way we become living bibles. The two readers stand between two chairs that act as book-ends.

1. Excuse me
2. Granted
1. But why are we standing between two chairs.
2. They’re not chairs.
1. Er they’re not?
2. They’re book-ends
1. Of course, silly me, its was obvious really, just testing. Now seriously, why are we standing between two chairs.
2. They are book-ends – you see it’s like this.
1. Matthew, Mark Luke and John
2. Wrote some books and made a bomb.
1. That was two thousand years ago,
2. Alas the sales today are slow.
1. Everyone today prefers the tele
2. Reading bibles, not on your nellie.
1. So the only bible that they see
2. Is the Christian witness of you and
1. Me
2. And me…so..fah  (sing this)
1. So good.
2. So you see we’re all really like bibles that others read.
1. And that’s why we’re stood between bookends.
2. To emphasise the point…
1. To enhance the postulation through visual imagery…
2. That as well.
1. So you could say you’re a ‘Revelations’
2. Well its better than being a ‘Lamentations’
1. There are ‘Numbers’ of ways we are living bibles
2. Because people see our ‘Acts’
1. Like if you are ‘Titus’ anything with your money.
2. ‘Luke’ these puns are getting ‘Chronicles’.
1. Yes, be ‘Ruth’-less and ‘Exodus’ this conversation.
2. So here we are
1. Living bibles
2. So remember
1. Our lives are books
2. That others heed
1. If they look at you
2. What will they read? 

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