Lost Sheep

This sketch is about what might have happened to the lost sheep while it was waiting to be rescued by the good shepherd. It is really about the love of God. This sketch has two characters, the lost sheep(S) and a St Bernard dog(D). The sheep has a number 100 on its chest, the dog has a small barrel of reviving liquid round its neck (can be a cardboard replica!).  
D:  One hundred? (pointing to sign on sheep)
S:  Yes, one hundred.
D:  One hundred what?
S:  The one hundredth sheep. You know, the one that was lost when the other ninety-nine were safe in the fold.
D:  Of course! I should have guessed.
S:  Who are you?
D:  A saint….
S:  (interrupting) Gosh, sorry, I didn’t recognise you without your halo.
D:  No, not one of those saints.
S:  Oh! you don’t mean you’re one of those! (looks shocked).
D:  No, not a latter day saint, I’m a St Bernard dog, of S.B. Rescue Incorporated at your service.
S:  What does S stand for?
D:  Solitary Souls Safely Saved!
S:  B?
D:  Benevolent Bestower of Beneficial Beverages! (turns barrel round to display sign – TEA).    Are you saved?
S:  I soon will be.
D:  Are you sure. I do a nice line in sheep rescues.
S:  No thank you.
D:  How about reduced party rates for flocks over twenty.
S:  No thank you.
D:  Now if you’re in the habit of getting lost, I do a nice line in annual season tickets.
S:  (more firmly) Definitely no thank you.
D:  What makes you so sure your shepherd will come and rescue you?
S:  He is the good shepherd and knows his sheep.
D:  Knows you! What sort of name is ‘one hundred’ to be known by (pointing to sign). You’re just a number, we all are, nobody cares anymore these days.
S:  He will know I am missing when he counts his sheep.
D:  Computer error!
S:  Pardon?
D:  Computer error, that’s what you’ll be written off as. Nobody has the time for any sort of personal interest in anybody. He won’t miss you.
S:  His love is greater than the whole world.
D:  That’s another thing.
S:  What is?
D:  World! It’s the World Cup tonight on TV. There’s no way you’ll get him out tonight. Everybody looks after number one. You’re sure you don’t want saving. Tell you what, I’ll give you a cut-price introductory offer.
S:  He will come, his love doesn’t count the cost.
D:  Cost! To mount a rescue operation for one sheep is financially un-viable and pecuniary ineptitude in the current monetary situation.
S:  What does that mean?
D:  Precisely! – ‘MEAN’ – Everybody is too mean, he won’t come, its not worth the cost to rescue you.
S:  The LORD is my shepherd! (silence for a short while as they wait)
D:  Well I just don’t believe it, I can see him coming, and what’s more, he has come specifically for you. He must be a loving shepherd.
S:  I know that, but how do you know he’s come just for me?
D:  He’s calling ‘Come in number 100, you’re time is up!’.   

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