Moses and the Burning Bush

Two characters, Moses (M) and a telephone operator on the emergency services (O).
This sketch shows that what God was asking Moses to do would seem crazy to most people, yet Moses trusted God and had the faith to do it.

O: Hello 999 emergency, which service do you require?
M: I want to report a fire.
O: If you can just remain calm and give me the details, first what is your name?
M: Moses
O: Right Mr Moses, and where is the house that is on fire?
M: Its not a house that’s on fire, it’s a bush fire.
O: So can you tell me how large an area of bushland is on fire.
M: No, its just one bush on fire.
O: Mmm, just one bush, is it a large bush?
M: No, its quite small actually.
O; So you have this tiny bush that’s on fire, have you thought of just waiting until it burnt out?
M: That’s the trouble, its not going out.
O: Very strange, have you tried putting it out?
M: I was going to, but it told me not to.
O: Who told you not to?
M: The bush told me not to put it out. It also told me I was on holy ground.
O: So we have a talking bush that stubbornly refuses to go out and then tells you to beware of potholes?
M: No, not holy as in pot holes, holy as in sacred.
O: So this bush not only talks to you, it a religious nutcase as well. And you expect me to take this call seriously.
M: Well you would take it seriously if you saw how it turned my staff into a snake.
O: Ah, this is making more sense, you’re actually delirious from a snake bite and what you really want an ambulance, not a fire engine.
M: No actually thinking about it, it’s the police I want, could you ask them to let my wife know I’m going to be late home, I just have to go to Egypt for a while.
O: Don’t tell me, let me guess, the bush told you to take the pretty route home via Egypt.
M: Not quite, it did tell me to go to Egypt, but to go and ask the Pharaoh to free some Jewish slaves.
O: Ah so you don’t want the police, you want the army, so that they can help you free some prisoners. Or how about the navy as well to get you across the Red Sea.
M: No I asked about the Red Sea and that’s all taken care of. The bush said all I need to take is my brother.
O: And has he’s got a big S stamped on his chest?
M: I don’t think you’re taking this call seriously. If you can just let my wife know what’s happening.
O: Don’t worry Mr Moses, we’ll get this sorted out for you.
M: Thanks, bye.
O: (calling police patrol unit on radio) Hello police unit 162, we have a delirious pyromaniac that needs picking up. He’s heading for the Egyptian border, claims he’s going to ask Pharaoh to free lot of Jewish slaves. … Yes I know that would take a miracle, in fact I doubt he could do it with ten miracles.

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