The Good Samaritan

This sketch is an adaptation of the Good Samaritan. There are only two speaking parts, the Levite (L) and the Priest (P). The sketch can be performed with just these two characters or with the other characters also acting out the story.

L:  Hello Mr Priest.
P:  Hello Mr Levite.
L:  Its a lovely day for a walk from Jerusalem to Jericho.
P:  Yes the birds are singing.
L:  The sun is shining.
P:  The flowers blooming.
L:  The robbers attacking a traveller.
P:  Oh!
L:  Somebody should do something about this violence.
P:  Yes, I really feel sorry for him and his pain.
L.  I really care about his situation.
P:  He will be upmost in my thoughts tonight.
L:  I feel my soul is full of empathy.
P:  Let’s pray that he will get help soon.
L:  Er…
P:  Yes?
L:  You don’t think WE should help him?
P:  Oh no!….people don’t like you interfering in their business.
L:  That’s true!
P:  And besides, its against my religion.
L:  Why?
P:  I’m a devout coward.
L:  You’re sure we shouldn’t do something?
P:  But we would be late for church and you’re preaching.
L:  True…what about tomorrow then?
P:  Monday is night school….Tuesday baby sitting – the wife is at a Women’s meetings…Wednesday is prayer service, how about on Thursday
L:  Hold on…I’ll ask him if we can help him on Thursday.
P:  Well?
L:  He says they stole his diary.
P:  Typical! You try and help someone and they don’t want it.
L:  There must be something we can do.
P:  Of course!
L:  What?
P:  We’ll tell him we will pray for him at church tonight.
L:  It really makes you feel good to meet another’s need.
P:  Hello….what’s this?
L:  Some Samaritan is helping that man.
P:  Typical!
L:  What is?
P:  These non-believers trying to show us up! 

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