The Photograph Album

A sketch for Christmas with Peter (P) and Jesus (J).

J: Peter
P: Yes Jesus?
J: Did I hear you giggling just then?
P: No Jesus, perhaps I had hiccups.
J: And what’s that behind your back?
P: My hands Jesus.
J: Peter, I can work that out, I had noticed your arms ended with hands. I meant what is in your hands behind your back.
P: Oh that, how did that get there? it looks like a photograph album.
J: Not just a photograph album, but my mother’s photograph album with me as a baby.
P: Oh yes.
J: And you were giggling at my photographs.
P: Well you have to admit you do look funny.
J: Not as funny as you look in this photograph. (brings out photo)
P: Where did you get that?
J: From your mother. She said if you ever get out of hand, bring this out and it will shut you up. Anyway, what’s all this interest in my birth?
P: Well it’s nearly your birthday, and everybody is talking about what happened at your birth.
J: Do you mean what really happened, or the idyllic version with jolly shepherds, cuddly lambs and a cosy manger.
P: You mean it wasn’t really like that.
J: Have you ever tried sleeping in a draughty shed with a sheep bleating in your ear? And don’t tell the wise men my mother tried using myrrh to cure my nappy rash.
P: But they enjoy remembering you like that.
J: I know, they don’t feel threatened by a little baby meek and mild, but they do feel threatened by a grown man asking difficult questions about their values and commitment.
P: Do you feel threatened by my difficult questions.
J: No Peter, I love you for your difficult questions. I need people who don’t keep me in a cosy manger, but really take me into their lives so that we can work on the difficult questions together. That’s what my life has been all about. Are you going to leave me in this manger.
P: No Jesus, I can’t sleep with bleating sheep either.
J: Thank you Peter, because I can’t work with you if you keep me out. And just for the record, I wasn’t meek and mild, I was a pain in the neck. 
P: I can believe that Jesus.

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