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The Source of Love


This sketch is based on a set of awful puns on the words source/sauce. It uses them to highlight some aspects of God’s Love. Just two people are used.

1.  What’s the theme of this sketch?
2.  Good question…..what is the theme?
1.  God the source of all love!
2.  Oh yes!
1.  So you are going to talk about love.
2.  No….SAUCE  (shows sauce bottle)
1.  Silly, source in the theme is spelt S-O-U-R-C-E.
2.  Yes..(points to label) S-Oh…. They’ve spelt it wrong on the bottle.
1.  (Shakes head)
2.  They shouldn’t give themes like this to people who can’t spell. Can’t I talk about sauce then?
1.  No!
2.  You mean all these notes are no good?
1.  Sorry!
2.  What’s the closing hymn!!!! I just wanted to tell them things like not keeping your love bottled up.
1.  What else?
2.  That love should be patient,
1.  Not Cross and Black-
2.  Well, what else, it’s not like H.P.
1.  Only giving love on condition you get it back with interest.
2.  You should love unconditionally,
1.  Not just to curry favour.
2.  How about God loves everyone.
1.  You mean sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander!
2.  Then you’ve brown sauce and white sauce,
1.  But colour makes no difference to God’s love.
2.  Then I was going to say that to truly love is not always easy.
1.  You mean it can be sweet and sour.
2.  Then there’s my favourite.
1.  You mean chocolate sauce on ice-cream.
2.  Mmmm!
1.  Love is all about wanting something special for others.
2.  I think I’ve said enough about what I can’t say because I spelt the theme wrong.
1.  So remember,
2.  Don’t bottle your love up,
1.  Open it up
2.  Put something special
1.  On someone’s life.

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