Without Love

This reading is based on extracts from the 12th and 13th chapter of Corinthians and best read with two people reading alternate lines.

Now to each one, the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.

To some there is given through the Spirit, the message of wisdom.

But without love, the greatest wisdom makes no sense.

While another by the same Spirit can put the deepest knowledge into words.

But without love, this knowledge is just academic and empty.

The Spirit gives to another a special faith which may move mountains,

But without love, faith will not move hearts.

And to someone else the power to heal the sick.

But without love, no power can heal the soul.

By the same Spirit, power is given to some to do great miracles.

But without love, it brings no miracle of joy.

And to others power to prophesy and preach.

But without love, there is no ministry.

The Spirit gives others the ability to distinguish true spirits from false.

But without love, it has no purpose.

And still to others to speak in all kinds of tongues or to interpret them.

But without love, all words have no meaning.

But it is the one and same Holy Spirit which does all this.

But without love, the power of that spirit suffocates and dies.

The greatest gift of the Spirit is love.

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